역시 넌 날 지켜보고잇구나 ? :)


The Reason why i Love SUPER JUNIOR

1. Because you are so SPECIAL

2. Because you are EXTRAORDINARY

3. Because DIFFERENT COUNTRY is not everything

4. Because you have SEXY VOICE

5. Because you are STRONG

6. Becasue you are FUNNY

7. Because you are MULTI TALENTED

8. Because your DANCE is the best

9. Because you make us always believe in GOD

10. Because you are ROMANTIC

11. Because we need love like EOMMA’s always do

12. Because you are COOL

13. Because EVIL sometimes interesting

That’s why 13 is perfect . It’s all unite in one group. The Only Group 13, SUPER JUNIOR .

13elieve th3ir prom15e ….